The story so far

In search of the Heritage of Chandernagore…

01This project began 4 monsoons ago in 2011 where we took upon the task of preparing an inventory of list of buildings of heritage value in Chandernagore. 4 years later we are back with a strong belief that heritage isnt just about the buildings, its about the people and their stories. So we set off on a new journey unearthing these little nuggets of history..pealing the layers of history as we go along in building the Story of Chandernagore and bringing it to the world and we need your help!

We are in the process of building a comprehensive website recording the heritage and memories of the people of Chandernagore. We are inviting everyone who has lived, worked or passed through Chandernagore to share their photos and memories to create a shared album of history. Please do drop us a line at

The team responsible for the first inscription of heritage buildings in 2011, who bravely surveyed the streets of Chandernagore drenched in the rain wading through knee deep water. Apoorva became an urban planner and is now based in the US, Neha is an urban conservationist based in Bombay while Bornav went on to study film making at Pune and the others are architects practicing in Calcutta
The forever enthusiastic guide Neline Mondol of Chandernagore
We knocked on many doors
Walked many streets
In the rain and sun
The once grand palaces waiting to tell their stories
Engaging in interesting conversations
Transcribing their memories
Stories of the grandeur of their mansions hidden behind the peeling plaster
Family albums and heirlooms all formed part of these stories
Richness evident in every nook and corner
Grandeur visible below the layers of grime and dust
French attention to the town



4 thoughts on “The story so far

  1. Fantastic – just what I have been feeling was needed for many years. My mom’s family is from the Chnsurah / Chandernagore area and it has been, for all practical purposes, my real hometown since childhood. Even though I live far away now, I get to visit the area at least once every couple of years. For me, this is the seat of Bengali civilization – everything that the world should admire about Bengalis. The gentle folks that live here / have lived here are part of a vanishing breed so the first step in trying to preserve the unique culture is to thoroughly research, understand and document it.


  2. What I personally feel that we are loosing our heritage, culture and no one is interested to preserve them. We should realize that those golden era will not come back again, so we have to preserve them at any cost. I support your effort and want to be a part of this amazing journey.


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