The Heritage & People of Chandernagore is a heritage conservation and community engagement project aimed at finding meaning and relevance of this shared cultural heritage. The objective of the project is to bring Chandernagore on the global platform and draw attention to its conservation and tourism development. It hopes to empower the youth of Chandernagore and build pride in their town’s heritage. With the aim of inspiring the youth to discover their past, a series of workshops and competitions were conducted over the summer of 2015 to encourage active engagement with the settlement and local sites . An initiative of Aishwarya Tipnis Architects this project has been supported by the Fondation VMF, a Paris based NGO, Les Amis du Patrimoine Pondichérien (APP), French Heritage in India Society (FHI) as well as the Embassy of France in India. Institut de Chandernagore have been the collaborating partners for the workshops.

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