Chandernagore’s Christmas

Heritage & People of Chandernagore Team


At the launch of our website at the Alliance Francaise du Bengal, we met a very interesting French born documentary filmaker Mr Fransua Joly, who decided to make Chandernagore his home.

He is a  documentary videographer, script-writer, cameraman, and filmmaking teacher.
He directed and produced over 30 films,.of which his 1989 title TIMELESS VILLAGE OF THE HIMALAYAS won the AVC Award in Hollywood The competition was presented by the American Film Institute and Billboard Magazine.

Now known as Vasudeva Das he says,

“Before my viewers and friends wonder whether Vasudeva is on the verge of turning Christian… I’m NOT. Joining the Vaisnava faith has never meant for me to renounce my Christian background but to fulfil it. In the wake of moving to a part-time home in Chandernagore, near Kolkata, I met Father Orson. We took a liking to each other and I caught myself following him on some of his parochial activities. Christmas time came and I started shooting…only for peace. the result being this informal video. It covers the midnight mass, but also a Hindu worship of the Goddess Durga, and outstanding aerial shots from my drone, right above the Ganges river. If you find the mass a bit long, skip over it, although you’d miss my comments comparing the Roman Catholic and the Hindu Vaisnava faiths. So yes, the video belongs to your compared religions folder.

Here is the beautiful video he has made for Christmas in Chandernagore, a must watch for all.